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Mining World

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A Mining or Ю class World is a classification for worlds rich in materials what manufactorums and forge worlds are looking for. Enslaved and penal workers harvest these worlds of their mineral riches, whether they are gas, ore or any other mineral demanded by the Imperium. Many of these worlds are inhospitable to humans.[1]

Notable Mining Worlds

Planet name Segmentum Affiliation Population Notes
Adacore Unknown Imperium Unknown Also — Tomb World
Asperity Tempestus Imperium Unknown
Balor Ultima Segmentum Imperium Unknown
Balzac Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Barbarus Prime (former) Ultima Segmentum Imperium 9,000 before destruction Now — Dead World
Bellis Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Balzac Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Bellis Unknown Imperium Unknown Rich deposits on the moons of the planet. Tried to secede but was returned to Imperium rule by the Dark Angels
Betalis III Segmentum Solar Imperium 62,000,000 Also — Ice World
Chemos (former) Ultima Segmentum N/A None Now - destroyed
Chinchare Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Skeleton crew of miners and associated staff
Cinchare Segmentum Obscurus Imperium 5000
Cinderus XI Unknown Imperium Unknown
Cthonia (former) Segmentum Solar N/A None Now - destroyed. Former Adeptus Astartes Homeworld (Sons of Horus)
Dalthus Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Damnos (former) Ultima Segmentum Imperium Unknown Now — Dead World. Also — Tomb World
Deliverance Segmentum Tempestus Imperium Unknown Also — Adeptus Astartes Homeworld (Raven Guard)
Devlan Ultima Segmentum Imperium Unknown
Dunroamin VI Ultima Segmentum Imperium Unknown
Dutonis Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown Also — Knight World (House Navaros and House Borgius — mutual rivals)
Geviox Segmentum Solar Imperium 5,000,000
Ghosar Quintus Ultima Segmentum Imperium 15,000,000 Subject of the Genestealer Cult's infection; In Imperial records mentioned as a Delverworld - a world scored of precious minerals[3]
Gorvax Unknown Imperium Unknown
Greater Eydolim Ultima Segmentum Imperium Unknown
Guryan Segmentum Pacificus Imperium Unknown
Hekarth V
Unknown Imperium Unknown Now — Dead World
Herod Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown Also — Desert World
Ichtar IX Unknown Imperium 20,000,000
(before incursion)
All citizens killed by Daemonic Incursion in 161.M32
Ixya (former) Segmentum Pacificus Necron None Also — Tomb World, now - without humans
Jubal Segmentum Pacificus Imperium Unknown
Jupiter Segmentum Solar Imperium Unknown Sol System, also - a Forge World
Karos Segmentum Pacificus Imperium Unknown Now — Ice World, former Civilized World, former Industrial World
Karoscura Unknown Imperium Unknown
Khymara Ultima Segmentum Imperium Unknown Also a Death World
Lemnos Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Luggnum Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Makenna VII Segmentum Obscurus Chaos Unknown Former Imperium world
Medusa V
Ultima Segmentum Imperium Unknown Now — Dead World. Also former Hive World.
Mekslag-Ikks (former) Segmentum Tempestus Orks Unknown Now — Ork World
Moloch I (former) Unknown Unknown, former Imperium Unknown Now — Dead World
Moloch II (former) Unknown Unknown, former Imperium Unknown Now — Dead World
Moloch III Unknown Imperium Unknown Also — War World
Mordant Prime Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Naxos Segmentum Obscurus Imperium 400,000 among miners and associated staff
Newseam Ultima Segmentum Imperium/Genestealer Cults Unknown Home to the Cult of the Rusted Claw
ND0/K4 Segmentum Obscurus Imperium ~4500 (?)
Optima Prima Segmentum Obscurus Imperium/Nurgle Unknown Also — War World and Hive World
Oleumus Unknown Imperium Unknown
Parocheus Unknown Imperium Unknown
Pavonis Segmentum Ultima Imperium 300,000,000
Pellucida IX Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Piscina IV Unknown Imperium Unknown
Procon Secundus Unknown Imperium Unknown
Purgatory of Soubirous Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Rhanda Segmentum Solar Imperium Unknown Also — Civilised World
Schrodinger VII (former) Unknown Necrons, former Imperium Unknown Tomb World, Ice World, also - former Hive World
Sepheris Secundus Segmentum Obscurus Imperium 12,000,000,000 Also — Feudal World
Shroud Unknown Imperium Millions Also — Hive World and Ice World
Slud Unknown Imperium Unknown
Sophano Prime Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Soryth Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Taros (T'ros) Ultima Segmentum Tau, former Imperium Unknown Now Tau World. Also — Desert World.
Tephra VII Segmentum Obscurus Chaos, former — Imperium None
Thandros System, Planets of the Ultima Segmentum (Eastern Fringe) Imperium Unknown Consist of Thandros II and Thandros III mining worlds
Trollix[1] Unknown Imperium Unknown Is noted to have lava oceans.[1]
Uldan Unknown Imperium Unknown Also — Jungle World
Vernalis Segmentum Obscurus Imperium Unknown
Vityris Unknown Imperium Unknown Also — Death World
Volyn Unknown Imperium Unknown
Xanthematos[2] Unknown Imperium (former) Unknown
Zeutus[1] Unknown Imperium Unknown Noted to have electro-clouds.[1]

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