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Missile launcher

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Ranged Close Combat
Astartes Missile Launcher (Soundstrike-Pattern)[20]

A Missile Launcher fires self-propelled guided projectiles that usually contain explosive, chemical, or destructive energy warheads. Missiles may use a chemical rocket, jet engine, or something more esoteric such as an anti-gravity drive, for propulsion.[2]

A Rocket Launcher fires unguided, self-propelled projectiles. They contain the same types of warheads as a missile. Usually rockets are propelled by an exothermic chemical reaction, but this does not preclude other forms of propulsion.[Needs Citation]


Imperial Missile Launchers

The standard Locke-pattern[10] Imperial missile launcher has a built in targeting device and is fired from the shoulder. It is a single round weapon and cannot be fired on the move. Standard Imperial Guard doctrine is for one man to carry aim and fire the missile launcher, whilst a second man carries the ammunition and re-loads the weapons. A well-drilled fire team can maintain a formidable rate of fire, enough to daunt the bravest of tank commanders. Amongst the Imperial Guard, missile launchers are crew-served weapons, while Space Marines are strong enough to use and reload missile launchers alone.[Needs Citation]


An Ork Rokkit Launcha.[5]


Eldar Missile Launcher[Needs Citation]

Dark Eldar

Chaos Space Marines Missile Launchers

Chaos Space Marine Missile Launcher[29]

Chaos Space Marines carry a mix of issued pre-Heresy and modern Imperial missile launchers taken from defeated foes. Most Chaos missile launchers operate the same as the Imperial launchers, though they also use Havoc Launchers.[29]

Chaos Forces also use a variety of more exotic missile weapons, such as the Hellfyre Missile Rack[19].


Tau ranged weapon technology is more advanced than that of the Imperium. This includes Missile Launcher technology, however the Tau army is organized such that standard troopers do not carry Missile Launchers like other races. Instead the two varieties of missile launchers available to the Tau are carried on Battlesuits. [30]

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