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Mission: Purge (Audio Drama)

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Mission: Purge
Author Gav Thorpe
Publisher Black Library
Released e-Publication:September 2012

CD: June 2013

Length 70 Minutes
Editions 2012 e-Publication
ISBN 9780857877512

2013 CD
ISBN 9781849704281

Mission: Purge is an original audio book by Gav Thorpe. It was released in September 2012.

Cover Description

The name of Artemis is spoken only with reverence among the thousand chapters of the Space Marines, such is the fervour with which he dispatches his xenos foes. Stalwart and inviolate, the veteran Captain is about to face his sternest test yet as what appears to be a routine mission for him and his kill team quickly turns into a battle for survival against one of the most devious and insipid foes ranged against the Imperium of Mankind. Will the most famous Space Marine ever to be drawn into the ranks of the elite alien hunters prevail or will Mission: Purge become his epitaph?