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Mist Reaper

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Mist Reaper.jpg

The Mist Reaper is believed to be a unique form of Lictor, that is responsible for many disappearances on the planet Xian and has recently been on other worlds of the Orpheus Salient.[1][2] The Mist Reaper invariably works alone,[2] specializing in ambushes when there is darkness or fog,[1] generally long before Tyranid forces assault a prey world and it is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of Imperial citizens who believed that they were safe, far from any conflict lines. Members of the Divisionis Biologis postulate that the creature has a specific knack for overcoming Imperial security measures.[2]

The mist reaper body is covered in Chameleonic Scales, that make the reaper practically invisible to the naked eye, as well as to ultraviolet or infrared light. It is also armed with a unique set of Flesh Hooks, barbed lengths of gristled flesh, that are expelled by a powerful muscle spasm.[1]