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Mjød, is an extremely potent alcoholic ale that can intoxicate a member of the Adeptus Astartes for a short time. It is distilled from plants native to the planet Fenris, homeworld of the Space Wolves chapter.[1]

Normally when a Space Marine ingests something potentially poisonous the combination of specialized organ implants neutralizes the danger before it even becomes an issue. The Fenrisian Ale is able to get past this protection due to the toxin found in natural plant roots. The toxin temporarily neutralizes the abilities of the Oolitic Kidney which combined with the remaining ingredients of the brew allow a temporary inebriation. Though this will allow the Astartes to become drunk the drink must be consumed in both large amounts and in rapid succession in order to feel a sustained effect as the specialized organs will quickly recover.[Needs Citation]

The Space Wolves are the most known chapter to incorporate any such mixture into their culture and enjoy vast amounts with grand feasts and storytelling as part of their historic tradition. In addition the contests the chapter routinely enjoys are made even more extraordinary when Mjød is added and more amusing when they compete with one another to see who can consume the most before passing out. Due to the strength of Mjød it is imperative that when in company with a non-Astartes type biology either a safer brew is present or that the anti-toxin is added to allow safe ingestion - though it is unlikely the taste would warrant such an act.[Needs Citation]

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