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Modile[Note 1] was a Colonel of the Vervun Primary, the standing army of Vervunhive on the planet Verghast.[1a]


In the course of the Ferrozoicans' Second Storm of Vervunhive, Modile was the primary officer of the troops tasked with defending the Veyveyr Gate, operating beside Colonel Bulwar of the NorthCol and Colonel Corbec of the Tanith First and Only. Bulwar and Corbec privately came to the agreement that, although Modile was the officer in charge of the defence, his lack of combat experience was a weakness that could cause problems; they decided to arrange a signal between them (Anvil, based on Bulwar's old callsign) should they need to abandon Modile's orders and assist each other directly.[1b] Sure enough, when the Zoicans attacked Veyveyr, Modile ended up panicking and, ignoring his subordinates' suggestions, his battle plans became erratic and ineffective.[1c]

Although the defenders of Veyveyr Gate managed to hold out until they were reinforced by a unit of Vervun Primary led by Commissar Pius Kowle, Modile was confronted by Colonel-Commissar Ibram Gaunt of the Tanith First. Gaunt held Modile responsible for the bloodbath and judged him guilty of rank incompetence. When Modile tried to run away, Gaunt shot him.[1c]



  • Note 1: At one point in the novel Necropolis, Modile's name is given as Modine.[1c] This is presumably an error.