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Moebian Domain

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"The Moebian Domain is full of established worlds, burgeoning settlements and far-flung colonies."

The Moebian Domain is an important and vital fiefdom of several Imperial worlds, that are ruled by the Sector Lord Margrave from upon Atoma Prime.[1] It is an area spanning a cluster of systems in the galactic Northwest of Segmentum Solar.[2a]


Its worlds are loyal and besides paying their tithes and taxes, the Moebian Domain manufactures vast quantities of goods for the Imperium. However its border territories are disputed, as they contain worlds held by Xenos and Daemons. The Moebian Domain is of such importance that the Imperium can not risk it being invaded or lost and so its worlds are specifically protected by its own Moebian Regiments of the Astra Militarum. The Lasmen of these Regiments are raised for the most part on Atoma Prime and have spent the last several years fighting a pacification campaign in the Moebian Domain's border territories, known as the Fringe, to keep its worlds safe. The population of its worlds are kept ignorant of the true nature of the foes that threatens them and want nothing more than to extinguish the Moebian Domain's light. Because of this, the masses simply refer to this constant threat as the Darktide and know it must be kept at bay at all times. The same is said for the freshly raised Moebian Regiments, until they begin serving their long meat grinder tours in the so-called Fringe War and finally see the true face of the Moebian Domain's nightmarish foes.[1]

While most serve faithfully, despite the physical and psychological trauma they face, some Moebian Lasmen are left broken by their long tours. Such is what happened to the highly decorated Moebian Sixth‎‎ Regiment, which became seduced and infected by Darktide and are now attacking Atoma Prime's Hive Tertium. The Lasmen of the Moebian Sixth, however, are not doing so simply for vengeance against what they endured in the Fringe War. No the poignant truth is that the Sixth truly believe the Darktide has shown them the light and they wish to share this liberating Nurgle, with the entire population of the Hive World. In doing so, the Regiment hopes to free Atoma Prime from the the stagnant rubrics of the Imperium's rule.[1]

  • "Forge World Obscurus once supplied much of the Moebian Domain, though those days are long past." (Obscurus Mk Ie Psykana Coven Collar)
  • "The Moedian Domain is awash with old Cadian battlegear. History does not record why." (Munitorum Psyker Battledress (Bone Sands))
  • "The Montar system has long been a war zone, facing invasions from ambitious Ork warbosses to conclaves of Chaos Renegades; is a system of diverse environments." (Montar Camo)
  • "Despite attempts by the authorities to crack down on them, Honour Duels remain a popular - if deadly - method of settling disputes throughout the Moebian Domain." (Character creation)
  • The galactic north of the Domain is dotted with feral worlds - the site of constant battles to hold back the Darktide and as such considered a part of the Fringe Wars. (Character creation)


Core Worlds

Core Worlds of the Moebian Domain:

Other Notable Worlds and Locations

Moebian Fringe Region Worlds:

Non-Vassal, Non-Domain Worlds:[2]

Unknown Locations:

  • Komlar - A battle between Astra Militarum and Chaos occurred somewhat recently at this location.[3h]
  • Syndian Reach - A backwater collection of outposts and way stations. Torveth, The Butcher of the Syndian Reach, made a name for himself in the fighting pits and arenas here.
  • Gathadra - A desert world where the Moebian 81st fought greenskins. The Moebian 81st were incorrectly equipped for an ice world deployment. (Peesah Hood (Ice Mourn))
  • Haxorn - The world of Haxorn is famed for its harsh winters, which blanket the irradiated plains, turned red by centuries of industry. Haxorn has been defended many times in its long history, most recently by the Moebian 13th, who successfully repelled an Ork invasion during a vicious month of fighting. (Combat Axe (Redscar Thaw))
  • Aethos - A grotesquely hot, humid and unfathomably dangerous jungle world where the Moebian 83rd, 441st and 515th regiments took part in the infamous Aethos campaign. (Combat Sword (Adamantine Inferno))

Moebian Proverbs

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