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Moebian Regiments

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The Moebian Regiments are Astra Militarum Regiments that are raised to defend the vital Imperial worlds of the Moebian Domain. Guardsmen of the Moebian Domain are referred to as 'lasmen'.[1] Moebian Regiments have been deployed to a variety of conflicts and worlds across the Imperium.


Moebian regiments typically field Psykers, Ogryn, or both alongside their standard infantry. Most Moebian regiments, make good use of Psykers within their ranks. The Moebian 21st developed tactics using their psykers' force shields to funnel enemies into deadly crossfires, ideal for the cramped conditions found in the depths of a rundown Hive city.

"The Adeptus Militarum in the Moebian Domain tend to reserve heavier plate for elite regiments or formations fronting vital offensives." (Aquilla Guard Chest Plate) Most of the armoured regiments are hugely reliant on Atoma Prime's manufactorums (Graia Mk VIIc Blast Cap).


Recruits are taken from all across the domain. Noted worlds that are recruited from include: Atoma Prime, Rocyria, and Branx Magna.


  • ""Helmet on, head on" is a common phrase heard through the varied regiments of the Moebian Domain." (Conclave-Issue Carapace Helmet)
  • "In the Moebian regiments of the Astra Militarum, it is commonplace for the survivors of battles to swear oaths to avenge their fallen brethren, no matter the cost."[2b]

Military Awards

The Moebian Star of Valour is awarded to those who take selfless actions in the Fringe Wars.[2b][2c]

In the Fringe Wars it's not unusual for Elite or shock units to receive special-issued berets and deserving the utmost respect (Moebian 31st Commando Beret).


The Moebian Regiments are currently engaged in a pacification campaign, called the Fringe War, which is being fought on worlds located in the Moebian Domain's disputed border territories. However the Imperium's Administratum keeps the Domain ignorant of the foes they face in the War, which are simply referred to as the Darktide. The same is said for the freshly raised Moebian Regiments, until they begin serving their long meat grinder tours in the Fringe War and finally see the Xenos and Daemons that threaten the Domain.[1]

While some regiments become broken by the trauma they face in the Fringe War, the highly decorated Moebian Sixth instead learned a dark truth from the Darktide. This led them to become a Traitor Guard Regiment and they are now trying to free the Hive World Atoma Prime from the Imperium's control.[1]

Notable Regiments

Regiment Nickname Information
Moebian 2nd "Corporal Vesmin holds the Moebian 2nd's record for long range kills. She, in turn, offers the credit to the God-Emperor's favour, as a soldier should."(Lankast Mk Xd Sniper Hood (Ash Wastes Camo))

To quote the Penance Regulation XXXIII of the Moebian 2nd, "Punishment for loss of helmet: twenty lashes with a gloh-whip and latrine duty for eight cycles." (Agripinaa Mk IXe Flak Trooper Helm). Regimental fatigue colours appear to be a dark red.

Moebian 6th Traitor Guard[1]: The toughest, most decorated Moebian regiment who has been fighting prolonged campaigns in the Fringe Wars for centuries. The regiment is recruited solely from Atoma Prime and are greatly loved and celebrated by the populalce of the planet as highly esteemed guardians and heroes.

Noted as having fought in The Nox Wars: Battle of Nox Secundus and the storming of Lochsby.(Bundle - Agripinaa flak helmets)

Moebian 8th One of the regiments that stormed the fortified front of Lochsby during the Fringe Wars. The famed Ogryn, Tog the Tank-crusher was once part of the Moebian 8th Armoured regiment, earning his nickname while fighting orks. (Tog the Tankcrusher - bundle)
Moebian 9th Has an abnormally high amount of Ogryns in the regiment, likely due to a mistake. Now the Ogryn are there, most are too afraid to question it. (Sweatband (Cityfight camo, XXXXL)) Fought in the Fringe Wars during the Nox Wars in the Battle of Nox Secundus.(Bundle - Agripinaa flak helmets)
Moebian 10th A common saying in the 10th is "Heads down - Heads on".(Ragtie (Cityfight Camo))

This is tongue-in-cheek variation of the common saying amongst most Moebian Regiments of "Helmets on - Heads on". The 10th's saying of "Heads down - Heads on" likely exists due to the fact that they wear ragties instead of helmets. However, it should also be noted that most Astra Militarum units generally don't trust flak armour, including the helmets. (Militarum Battlegear (Sun Scorch Camo))

Moebian 12th Fought in The Nox Wars: Battle of Nox Secundus. Fought in the Fringe Wars.(Bundle - Agripinaa flak helmets)
Moebian 13th Stormrangers They are known for their skill as sharpshooters and snipers and are ideally suited to the many jungle environments of the Moebian Fringe.(Stormranger Camo) Recently repelled an Ork invasion in the Defense of Haxorn.(Combat Axe (Redscar Thaw))
Moebian 15th Earned many battle honours during the Eve Coronis Campaign (Palatine Mk IIID Rebreather)
Moebian 18th Experienced in desert warfare and fields Ogryns. (Moebian 18th Ragtie (XXXXL))
Moebian 21st Deployed for an extensive amount off time to the ocean world of Incron[2]. Known for their iconic rebreathers and pale blue fatigues, well suited for amphibious warfare and experienced in fighting within the damp, cramped, and run-down Hive cities dotting the expansive planetwide ocean. "The Moebian 21st were on a rare resupply stop on Atoma when routine patrols started to disappear. Soon after, squads found themselves being directed by a mysterious Inquisitorial agent, identified only as Rannick."(Veteran Moebian 21st gearsets) The Moebian 21st appear to be the only, or perhaps primary, Moebian regiment seen assisting the Inquisition in Hive Tertium, currently.
Moebian 22nd Armoured (source?)
Moebian 31st Served in the Fringe Wars. Their Elite or shock units received special-issued berets.(Moebian 31st Commando Beret)
Moebian 33rd Black Guard The Black Guard, a regiment known for their loyalty to House Margrave. They served as the personal guards to the noble house since the Moebian civil war of M36 that saw the Margraves gain the office of Lord Moebian (Sector Lord), an office they have held since.

They wear, or are at least preferential of, red bandanas and ragties. The headwear is representative of the unspecified Hive gang's they are implied to prefer recruiting from. They're fatigues and armor are black or have a camo pattern similar to 'cityfight' or 'jagbeast' in black, grey, and dark blue. Like most Moebian regiments, a Primaris Psyker was once attached to the Moebian 33rd, however her fate is unrecorded. (Aridin Mk VIe Rebreather)

  • "Soldiers were normally recruited for their loyalty to House Margrave but those high standards have dropped over the years" (Veterans Killshot Day Uniform)
  • "Elements of the Moebian 33rd once served as the personal guard for the first Margrave Lord Moebian" (Meatshield's Dress Uniform)
  • "Disdaining camouflage, the 33rd stands proud, and trusts to its uniforms to hide the blood." (Bandana (Moebian 33rd)).
  • "Gang colours don't guarantee allegiance, but it's better to have them than not." (Ragtie (Moebian 33rd)).
  • "Likely fashioned from a fallen comrade's uniform." (Sweatband (Moebian 33rd))
  • "Leave the fiery oratory for the youngsters and the Commissars, you've seen enough action to know how it works. "Glory to the first man to die" is just propaganda, a ruse to get someone else to charge out in front of you!" (Black Guard Uniform (Moebian 33rd)).
Moebian 39th One of the regiments that stormed the fortified front of Lochsby, during the Fringe Wars. (Bulk-armoured Vest (Sun Scorch Camo))
Moebian 51st "Doesn't waste good wargear on conscripts, its commanders reasoning it's more useful in the hands of experienced soldiers." (Scavenged Graia Mk Vf Battle Helm)
Moebian 54th Took part in many hard-fought campaigns.[2a]
Moebian 55th Fought alongside the 6th Pyran Dragoons against Aeldari during a war in Megiddio Septima. (Mechrite Scourge Camo)
Moebian 71st Achieved fame fighting amongst lava flows during the Diabolus Campaign.(fireclaw camo) Took part in the Ichabod Campaign, fighting alongside the Catachan XII and Catachan XIX spending almost six Terran months embroiled in vicious close-quarter fighting against a greenskin horde in a forested warzone. (Ork hunter)
Moebian 77th "A Modest cap for a modest soldier." (Bandana (Moebian 77th)).
Moebian 81st Fought on Gathadra, a desert-world, against greenskins. During that deployment, the regiment was incorrectly equipped with winter gear. (Peesah Hood (Ice Mourn))
Moebian 82nd Nighthawks "The 82nd, or "The Nighthawks" as they like to be known, is specialized in covert ops, fought in the Fringe Wars, and many of their elite and shock troops are given special-issue berets to signify this." (Moebian 82nd Commando Beret)
Moebian 83rd "Moebian 83rd, 441st and 515th regiments took part in the infamous Aethos campaign. Aethos is a grotesquely hot, humid and unfathomably dangerous jungle world." (Combat Sword (Adamantine Inferno))
Moebian 100th Steepleguard The forest camouflage pattern, "Crucis Nightshade Camo", was made famous in part by their participation in a long ago campaign on Messelina Gloriana. "Those few foes who survived those battles gained a new respect for the shadows."(Crucis Nightshade Camo) Engaged in the Haareus Campaign, where seven regiments – including the Moebian Steepleguard and the Pyran Dragoons – defeated a Tau enclave amidst the fire-blasted dunes of Haareus Delta. (Haareus Tri-sun)
Moebian 101st A Penal Legion that also fields Ogryn convicts. (Moebian 101st Penal Colony Uniform (Brute-sized))
Moebian 110th Armoured (Moebian 82nd Commando Beret)(Tanker Commander's Battlegear (Moebian 110th Armoured))
Moebian 117th Has heavily armoured Ogryn units. (Militarum Heavy Treadplate Armour (Moebian 117th, XXXXL))
Moebian 120th Recently, a platoon of the Moebian 120th were sent to Sarius III to investigate strange xenos ruins that litter the sulphur deserts. The regiment fought xenos amongst the shifting shadows of those myriad xenos structures. "Upon their return, all but the most senior officers were mind-wiped…" (Scourgesplinter Camo)
Moebian 133rd Once "utilized Ogryn shock units successfully in breakthrough attacks for years until high casualty rate forced the dissolution of the formations." (Militarum Battlegear (133rd Moebian, Burninglands Campaign)). Their elite Ogryn guards sometimes wear berets. (Elite Guard Beret (Moebian 133rd))
Moebian 135th (Militarum Dress Greys (Moebian 135th))
Moebian 138th (Commando Battlegear (Moebian 138th, Chlorovast))
Moebian 155th Armoured (Tanker commander's Quilte-Padded Trousers)
Moebian 178th Took part is the Grimwald Campaign. (Moebian 178th Heavy Flak (Grimwald Campaign))
Moebian 260th Uniform colours are orange and cream striped armour, considered a brash colour choice - harkens back to the hive gangs they recruit from.(Durkham's Raiders Regalia (Elite Guard)) "These hive ganger colors are associated with the lower levels of Hive Tertium" (Slasher Hivescum Headgear).
Moebian 387th Known for their practical, durable and remarkably comfortable trousers.
  • "Field trousers based on the Moebian 387th style featuring tapered ankles, reinforced seat, extra side stowage. Favoured for durability and ease of repair, and, although no soldier would admit it, remarkably comfortable." (Meatshield's Duty Uniform (red*))
Moebian 441st "Moebian 83rd, 441st and 515th regiments took part in the infamous Aethos campaign. Aethos is a grotesquely hot, humid and unfathomably dangerous jungle world." (Combat Sword (Adamantine Inferno))
Moebian 455th "Tough, durable, and just a bit menacing. Black leather jackets are stylish for hive gangers, Imperial Commissars, and Astra Militarum alike." (Moebian 455th Officer's Jacket)
Moebian 515th "Moebian 83rd, 441st and 515th regiments took part in the infamous Aethos campaign. Aethos is a grotesquely hot, humid and unfathomably dangerous jungle world." (Combat Sword (Adamantine Inferno))

Notable Moebian Lasmen

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