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Big Mek Mogrok[Needs Citation]

Mogrok is an Ork Bad Moons Big Mek of particularly dangerous cunning. Working under Warboss Grukk, he was said to be the power behind the throne for quite some time. Big Mek Mogrok is a veteran of a hundred battles, many of which he started himself. Over the decades since he first began to break heads for fun and profit, he has accumulated a vast number of followers. These are not the usual Orky hangers-on, for Mogrok has never been one to follow the norms of greenskin society. Instead they are a collection of the junkyard dogs and metal-heads of greenskin society; scrappers, show-offs, looters, thieves and mechanics to an Ork. The unbridled creativity exhibited by the Meks in Mogrok’s horde means that his Bad Moons are never wanting for large and extremely dangerous machines of war, from man-portable Kustom Mega-Blastas to Mek Stompas that blast the enemy to bits with bolts of green energy.[1]

He takes command of much of Grukk's forces after his fall in the Red Waaagh!, which many Boyz believe he may have engineered. Other Orks, suspicious of Grukks apparent death discovered he had survived the explosion. Digging him out of the rubble, Grukk and his small group of loyal followers are now readying to exact bloody revenge. [1]

Mogrok later reappeared during a botched raid on the Knight World of Alaric Prime. He was only saved thanks to the intervention of Kaptain Badrukk, and has since pledged his service to the Freebooter Warboss.[2]


In the Sanctus Reach: Evil Sun Rising novella, Mogrok is depicted as a disgusting Ork whose face is partially putrefied and full of maggots, which he eats. This depiction is not mentioned in the Sanctus Reach campaign books.[1],[3]

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