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Mohamar Antoninus deViers

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General Mohamar Antoninus deViers was Supreme Commander of Imperial Guard 18th Army Group Exolon during its mission to Golgotha, designated Operation Thunderstorm.[1a]


This page contains spoilers for: Gunheads (Novel)

deViers had a long and honourable term of service, but was tarred by the loss of Palmeros, which was destroyed by a shower of Roks deliberately engineered by Ghazghkull Thraka. deViers was unable to do more than evacuate most of the 18th Army Group off-planet before the asteroids hit, leaving the campaign against the Orks on the planet unfinished, and the civilian population to die.[1x][2]

This loss, combined with a lack of offspring, made deViers desperate to win some kind of victory that would let his name live forever. He therefore volunteered to accept the suicidal mission of landing on Golgotha in the forlorn hope of locating the wreckage of the Fortress of Arrogance, Commissar Yarrick's personal Baneblade tank.[1x]

As the mission wore on, deViers became more and more impatient and obsessed, ordering direct assaults on fortified Ork positions in his haste to find the famous tank.[1x]

In reality, the mission was a pretense engineered by the Adeptus Mechanicus to recover a xenos artefact (possibly belonging to the Necrons). Under their direction, deViers led the Army Group wherever they said the Fortress might be. At times, deViers was self-aware enough to realize that the Mechanicus adepts accompanying the expedition had their own agenda, but refused to abandon the mission.[1x]

After several false leads, the adepts finally said the Fortress was likely in the middle of a huge Ork encampment. deViers ordered an immediate assault, and, when one of his subordinates objected that they had no hard intelligence, deViers executed the man with his bolt pistol. The sound of the shot (or something else) alerted the Orks to the Guard's presence, and soon the Army Group was fighting for its life.[1x]

During the final battle, a Warboss emerged, riding on a super heavy tank that observers realized was the converted hulk of the Fortress of Arrogance. Incredibly, deViers ordered his troops to stop firing on the tank; deViers refused to risk blowing it up, despite the devastating casualties it was inflicting on his men.[1x]

Fortunately, Sergeant Oskar Wulfe of the Cadian 81st Armoured chose his own "interpretation" of deViers' orders, and targeted his Leman Russ's battle cannon on the Warboss. His first shot was enough to prompt Major General Bergen to override deViers' orders and direct all fire in the area on the tank, which quickly disabled it and fatally wounded the Warboss. DeViers screamed for his troops to cease fire, but was ignored.[1x]

When the battle was over, with the Fortress mercifully semi-intact, deViers wasted no time in climbing atop it and issuing a victory speech to his troops with a megaphone. He was so intent on this speech that he failed to notice the Warboss, in its last death throes, rise up behind him, until it closed its Power Klaw around deViers's waist and cut him in half.[1x]

Months later, on the opening day of the Third War for Armageddon, Commissar Yarrick rode to battle atop the newly repaired Fortress of Arrogance. The tank's effect on the morale of his troops was all Yarrick could have hoped for, though deViers's name did not seem to cross his or anyone else's minds.[1b]