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Monodominants are an extremist Puritan faction of the Inquisition known for their uncompromising prosecution of perceived enemies of the Imperium. Founded by Inquisitor Goldo in M33 and later revitalized by Jeriminus of Paelutia[2], as their name implies, they are of the firm belief that the Imperium, and only the Imperium, should be allowed to exist. They are zealous supporters of the concept of manifest destiny, and believe that this is only achievable by the extermination of all threats and impurities. Xenos, witchcraft, heresy, blasphemy, mutation and civil disobedience are crimes punishable by death in the eyes of a Monodominant and those accused of such crimes can expect no reprieve.[1] They see the Imperium's war as a racial struggle of survival, and hope to kill enough aliens, mutants, psykers, and other "inhuman" beings that natural selection will be allowed to take its course and Humanity will rise to the position of ultimate power.[2]

Monodominants are among the most militant Inquisitors and resort to Exterminatus more readily than any other Inquisition philosophical faction. They seldom work in secret, and instead use their presence to stir up widespread xenophobia and hatred, leading mobs of frenzied citizens to purge their ranks of those deemed filthy and impure. Above all else, Monodominants are inflexible and intolerant, and are generally the youngest and most hot-headed members of the Inquisition.[2]

Though their uncompromising nature is considered somewhat abhorrent, Monodominants are still considered Puritans - primarily because Inquisitors of their extreme natures would not even consider allying himself to a Daemon, no matter the circumstances.

Notable Monodominants