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Mordant Hex

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Mordant Hex is a Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons[1] and a Lord of the Six-Cursed.[4]

"They flee from the horrors I bring about; they fear the mutations I wreak on their flesh. Do they see beauty in the chaos I create? No. For Tzeentch has not opened their all-seeing eye."[4]


In the final years of the 41st Millennium, Hex reappeared after years of hiding and once again came to blows with the Wolf Lord Harald Deathwolf. Ever since Harald had prevented Hex’s schemes within the cathedrals of Ak-Hirbat, the sorcerer had been haunting the Wolf Lord for years. Hex had appeared to oppose Harald’s missions, or to aid the Space Wolves’ enemies, only to vanish before Deathwolf could kill him in battle. He engaged Deathwolf again in the ensuing Battle of Issajur.[3]

Under the command of Ahriman, he was dispatched to Etiamnun III to find a portal to the Eldar Webway. Hex was able to gain dominion over the Reclusiam easily, as well as secure the Webway Gate, allowing the Thousand Sons to penetrate that Eldar domain. By the time a relief force despatched by the Order Psykana arrived at the Reclusiam, the traitor marines were long gone; the only trace of their presence a discarded copy of the Tome of Karebennian, an Eldar text that is reputed to be a guidebook of sorts to various Webway routes that lead to the Black Library.[2]

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