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Mordecai Toth

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Inquisitor Toth

Mordecai Toth was an Inquisitor dispatched to Tartarus to ensure that the forces of Chaos were found and purged.


This page contains spoilers for: Dawn of War
This page contains spoilers for: Dawn of War (Novel)

Arriving in the Blood Ravens' midst while they were combating an Ork invasion, Toth warned their commander, Gabriel Angelos, about a coming warp storm and urged the Space Marines to evacuate the planet and let the storm claim the Orks.[1]

However, it was later revealed that Toth had been present on the planet since before the ork invasion, and that his primary mission was to recover the Maledictum, a powerful Chaos artifact.[1]

Knowing that there was a traitor in the Blood Ravens force, Toth initially suspected Gabriel Angelos, due to the commander's stubborn refusal to flee in the face of Chaos, which Toth saw as an uncontrollable obsession with Chaos. He was also wary of any man who had pronounced Exterminatus on his own home world, as Angelos had done to Cyrene.[1]

Toth did not suspect the true traitor, Isador Akios, until it was too late. He helped the Blood Ravens purge Chaos from Tartarus and even gave Gabriel his Daemonhammer - God-Splitter, to fight the Daemon Prince that had formerly been the Alpha Legion Sorcerer, Sindri Myr. It was with this same weapon that Angelos would, in an attempt to destroy the Maledictum, release a great Warp daemon from its prison.[1]

Canon Ambiguities

In the final chapter of Dawn of War (Novel) by C.S. Goto, there is language which implies that Toth himself is a daemon, or possibly an avatar of the Daemon imprisoned within the Maledictum, masquerading as a human, who manipulates Angelos into destroying the Maledictum with God-Splitter to set it free.[2] This has not been confirmed by any other source.


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