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Mordian Iron Guard

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"They may spend every off-duty minute polishing their shiny boots and marching up and down the parade ground in perfect formation, but don't let that fool you. These men are steel-eyed, cold-blooded killers and I'd as soon have a platoon of them in my force as I would a company of other troops."
-Gharan O'Hen, Army 212 Chief of Staff, on the Mordian Iron Guard

Uniform Basic Data Miniature
- Mordian Iron Guard -
Homeworld: Mordian
Regiment Name: Mordian Iron Guard
Specialities: Discipline, Drill

The Mordian Iron Guard are Imperial Guard regiments, originally from the planet Mordian. A harsh and unforgiving planet given to extremes, it was ruled in the Emperor's name by a body known as the Tetrarchs. The rule of the Tetrarchs was harsh, autocratic and above all absolute, a necessity due to planet's scarce and strictly-rationed resources. This environment bred a regimental system dedicated to the chain of command and an iron discipline at all levels. The Mordian Iron Guard are named and renowned for their iron resolve and their dour and unforgiving natures. As of the formation of the Dark Imperium, the planet of Mordian had been assailed by Chaos.[15]

Recruitment & Training

Training for the Iron Guard is as rigorous as possible, instilling in each Guardsman fierce loyalty and determination to their cause: the destruction of the Emperor's enemies and the preservation of Mordian. It is only through their legendary discipline and ruthless pursuit of the enemy that the Iron Guard can prevent their world from descending into starvation and savagery.[1a] Among the most dependable troops in the entire Imperium, a Mordian Guardsman will follow orders to the letter and without a moment's hesitation, firing and reloading his lasgun in the heat of battle until he or his enemy has been destroyed.[3a] These die-hard soldiers are all accomplished sharpshooters and proficient in close order drills.[2c]

A Mordian Iron Guard Trooper[1a]


A Mordian Iron Guard regiment in battle is a solid wall of brightly-uniformed, perfectly-formed soldiers who cut through the enemy's ranks with precisely-timed volleys of fire behind a hedge of polished bayonets.[3a] Even in the face of the overwhelming daemonic hordes of Chaos, Iron Guard regiments will stand their ground, striking down their foe with disciplined fire; if forced to withdraw their lines will never break.[1b] They organize their support weapons into separate Heavy Weapons Platoons and make use of both Ratling Snipers and Sanctioned Psykers on the battlefield.[2c]


Mordian Iron Guards in battle[9a]

The Iron Guards prefer to go into combat wearing the same dress-style uniforms they do on the parade ground. The bright colors and elaborate decoration on Mordian uniforms often mislead their enemies into thinking they are facing ceremonial troops with little combat experience, though this misapprehension is usually corrected as soon as they attempt to advance in the face of the Iron Guards' precise volleys and unyielding resolve. Upon their formation each regiment is presented a lavish banner, created within the Tetrarchal Palace, during a ceremony at which every Guardsman swears to never let it fall or be captured.[3a] Their preferred squad special weapon is the Grenade Launcher while the Lascannon is the principle heavy weapon.[2c]

Notable Engagements

Notable Regiments


Regiment Notes
2nd The Mordian 2nd were part of the Macharian Crusade and were victorious in their objectives during the Invasion of Jucha.[2a]
3rd The Mordian 3rd is one of the most decorated and celebrated Iron Guard regiments on Mordian. It took part in the defence of Hive Barbarossa against an Ork Waaagh! during the Battle of the Marble Garden[3a]
4th Known only by saying of its Captain Macros[11]
7th Fought against the 13th Black Crusade.[6]
10th Fought against the 13th Black Crusade.[6]
11th Fought in the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, notably at the Battle of Balhaut.[4]
16th Fought against the 13th Black Crusade.[6]
17th Fought in the Battle for Honoria, in which they were led by Colonel Oosthousen.[18]
26th The Mordian 26th served under Lord Marshal Graf Harazahn of the Vostroyan Firstborn, supreme commander of the Imperial forces on Medusa V.[8]
33rd The 33rd Mordian Iron Guard, alongside the 91st, made up the defense of a city-sized promethium refinery on the planet of Phrixis against a Tyranid splinter fleet. They hold out for months, until the 91st are wiped out by a cataclysmic explosion caused by a dying Tyranid bio-titan. Those of the 33rd that survive the explosion are found along the perimeter, and hold out against the Tyranid swarms until their ammunition run dry and they are finally wiped out.[14]
50th Known as the Fort Baton Regulars.[13a]
56th The 56th Mordian is a mechanised force,[1b] responsible for ending the Komarl Revolt. Their execution of a tenth of the planet's population for failing in their duty to the Emperor, and the fear of further reprisals, ensured the planet's future loyalty to His divine rule.[3b]
84th Took part in the Battle of Gathalamor[Needs Citation]
91st The 91st Mordian Iron Guard, alongside the 33rd, made up the defense of a city-sized promethium refinery on the planet of Phrixis against a Tyranid splinter fleet. They hold out for months, until the 91st are wiped out by a cataclysmic explosion caused by a dying Tyranid bio-titan.[14]
93rd The 93rd Mordian Iron Guard took part in the defense of Cadia during the 13th Black Crusade. The regiment was wiped out, its final soldier dying during the defense of Kasr Myrak.[16]
98th Dispatched by the Imperial Governor of Malaeor to put down a gathering of pilgrims, responsible for the spread of Retchpox disease. The gathering led to the summoning of the Great Unclean One Obloxxothrax and his plague minions, who overran the 98th.[35]
113th Fought against the 13th Black Crusade.[6]
201st The Cyclops Demolition Vehicle of the 201th Mordian used for crowd control during the occupation of Hive Secundus of the Hive World Vaust.[5e]
278th The Mordian 278th took part in the battle for Baric Six when it lost two entire armoured companies due to a Deathstrike Missile Launcher stolen by Ork Lootas.[3c]
667th Fought against the 13th Black Crusade.[6]


Regiment Notes
4th Armoured Known as the Cobalt Lions.[13b]
12th Armoured Extremely well-drilled and efficient, the 15 Companies of the Mordian 12th Armoured each consist of thirteen Leman Russ Battle Tanks. They have recently been deployed to the Calixis Sector. Currently commanded by Colonel Halon Tanz.[9b]
16th Armoured The Mordian 16th Armoured regiment contains a Stygies VIII pattern Leman Russ Vanquisher. It is either of the first company or of the third, depending on the markings of the vehicle.[5a] The Hydra Flak Tanks of this Regiment fought with the secessionist fighter wing during the struggle on Kaanis Scriptoria.[10] Also the Regiment includes Tarantula sentry guns.[5f]
84th Armoured The Mordian 84th Armoured regiment contains a Chimeras with Heavy Flamers.[5c]
3rd Heavy Tank Company The 3rd Mordian Heavy Tank Company is known to include a Mars-pattern Shadowsword (possibly known as Alpha Three[7]) as the third tank of the company, although the rest of the company is a mix of Baneblades, Shadowswords and Stormblades.[5b] Also contains Salamander Command as utility and support vehicles.[5d]

Notable Members

Notable Named Vehicles


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