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Morias Skult

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Morias Skult was a 2nd class assassin of the Vindicare Temple who was responsible for the elimination of the the Ork Warboss Urgak the Unstoppable[1] in 718924.M40.[3] He later became Grand Master of the Vindicare temple and battled Maerorus Temple assassin Legienstrasse.[2]



While conducting routine survey sweeps of the Roxanzand System, the Imperial Navy discovered that a Warboss known as Urgak "the Unstoppable" was uniting the Orks of Roxanzand. The disparate tribes had amassed in the northern continent of the planet where they were accelerating their war effort, most worryingly by constructing a Gargant. With available resources stretched thin, an appeal was made to the Senatorum Imperialis who sanctioned the deployment of a Vindicare Assassin.[1]

Skult arrived in the system on an Officio Assassinorum rapid response vessel and deployed to the planet's surface in a one-man drop pod without being detected. By cover of night, Skult infiltrated the Ork encampment and was forced to eliminate five Ork sentries, disposing of their corpses with hyphosphus. Making his way onto the Gargant, Skult placed explosives at weak points on the machine before moving off and taking up position at the top of a nearby cliff where he held a commanding view of the encampment.[1]

Near noon the next day, as many Orks were busy working on the Gargant, and fuel and ammunition was being loaded on board, Urgak emerged from his hut. All work came to a halt as the Warboss conducted an inspection of the war machine. Skult eliminated him with a single shot to the head and then used hyphosphus gel-tipped rounds to set fire to the Gargant which in turn set off the explosives he had set the night before. The explosions made their way to the Gargant's ammunition, resulting in a half kilometer wide blast.[1]

Skult returned to his drop pod and was successfully retrieved from the planet. His mission was not considered a total success, as enough of the Gargant survived for the workshops which had escaped the explosion to set about rebuilding. Without the leadership of Urgak, however, this work proceeded extremely slowly, giving the Imperial Navy time to bombard the construction site from orbit and end the threat definitively.[1]

Later History

Skult was later anointed as Vindicare Grand Master, and was among the strike team from the Officio Assassinorum sent to Opis to eliminate Legienstrasse, a rogue assassin from the now-defunct Maerorus Temple[2a]. He failed several attempts to kill the rogue, his final attempt being from the crew compartment of a Thunderhawk gunship piloted by the Imperial Fists. Legienstrasse leapt onto the flyer's wing and crippled the ship, causing it to crash and kill everyone aboard, including Skult. Legienstrasse was soon killed herself by Imperial Fists Captain Darnath Lysander, the only survivor of the final confrontation.[2b]

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