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Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Heresy-era specialized Space Marine warriors; for the Imperial Death Cult, see The Moritat.

Moritats were specialized Space Marine warriors during the Great Crusade and Horus Heresy. The individual assigned to this duty were often cold-blooded murderers who fought with a suicidal fervor. They were normally given missions from which they would not be expected to return.[1]


The Moritat had their origin in Raven Guard Ash Blind (also known as Sable Blind on Deliverance). These black-eyed warriors were veterans who were known to forsake all pretense of self-preservation, fighting with a terrifying determination before succumbing to their foes. The survivors of these suicidal incidents were sometimes recovered and in future battles would often descend into the same suicidal fervor that befell them before. The Raven Guard under Corax would organize these warriors into units of assassins and shock troops and they proved highly effective.[1]

After the Raven Guard bested the Ultramarines in several simulated battles with these warriors, Roboute Guilliman adopted similar units in his own legion, designating them Moritat. They then spread throughout the rest of the Legiones Astartes.[1]

Their primary armament was two Volkite Serpentae[2] or two plasma pistols, connected to their jump packs via plasma feed cables and capable of launching a continuous barrage of incredible amounts of firepower.[3]

Known Moritats