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Morleo Moriar

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Moriar the Chosen[2]

Captain Morleo Moriar of the Blood Angels was killed in battle in the fields of Clamorga.[1]


Unable to be revived by the chapter's greatest and most skilled Sanguinary Priests, Moriar was put into the armoured shell of a Dreadnought which was constructed by the master artificer. Once Moriar regained his senses, he almost immediately succumbed to the Black Rage. However, Moriar survived the mental brutality of the curse and now fights alongside the Blood Angels as a Death Company Dreadnought, known as Moriar the Chosen. It is rumoured that in his new form, Moriar has been claimed by the Red Thirst and that the Blood Angel armourers have modified his Dreadnought so that he can quench his thirst for blood.[Needs Citation]

Moriar is also known to have taken part in the Battle for Antax, being awakened at the height of the battle and ripping apart the Ork Warboss Gutstompa and his escort of Nobz to shreds.[1] He also took part in the Battle for Pandora Prime.[2]

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