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Morralians are an alien species.[1a] Their soldiers, the Morralian Deathsworn, are known to fight alongside other species, such as the Tau, and as mercenaries for the Alpha Legion.[1a][2]


The Morralian Deathsworn have been known to fight for the Tau. They formed part of the D'yanoi Sept's Be'etar Expeditionary Force, as part of its Auxiliary Reserve Despatch, alongside Kroot Carnivores, Vespid Stingwings, and Hrenian Light Infantry.[2]

The Deathsworn also fought as part of the xenos mercenaries of the Alpha Legion's Sons of the Hydra in their campaign to eradicate the Ultramarines' Successor Chapters guarding the rimward edge of the Maelstrom in late M41.[1a] They took part in the successful ground assault against the Marines Mordant's Fortress-Monastery the Bas-Silica on Vitrea Mundi.[1a] Here they fought alongside the Tarellians, Galgs, Fra'al, Sslyth, and Eldar Outcasts, and were united with them by a shared seething hatred of humanity.[1a] The use of different species was chosen to provide maximum strategic flexibility, and their extremely varied combat styles made them very difficult for even the Marines' Veterans to defend against.[1a][1b]


Morralian younglings have soft flesh that the Dark Eldar are known to use, taking the flesh from several younglings to make dark, supple robes.[3]


In Sons of the Hydra, Quetzel Carthach was said to have included xenos in his close circle of advisors.[1a] While Omizhar Vohk is the only confirmed advisor, Morralians or members of the other xenos mercenaries Carthach used may have been included among them.

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