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The Mortar is a simple, muzzle-loaded projectile weapon used by the Imperial Guard, popular for its simplicity of construction and maintenance compared to more sophisticated weapons.


It fires an explosive shell on a high-arching trajectory capable of flying over the heads of nearby troops and crashing down on the rear ranks of the enemy.[1][2] Its primary use is in the anti-personnel role, breaking up enemy infantry formations and pinning them down.[3]

Mortars are prized for their ability to lay down a curtain of fire from behind cover, and while not particularly accurate their explosive power makes up for this deficiency. However this indirect-fire capability requires accurate targeting information to be effective and the use of spotters with proper vox-protocols in order to avoid friendly fire. Standard procedures has the spotters locate targets, whether through visual or remote-servitor means, and send a fire request to the mortar crew's Platoon Command Squad, which plots a firing solution and relays that information to the mortar teams assembled, adjusting fire as required.[2]

Known Patterns

Mk.IX Accatran pattern Mortar
  • Mk.IX Accatran pattern: Favoured by the Elysian Drop Troops, this automatic mortar is fed by a revolving five-round drum magazine capable of a high rate of fire. Carrying handles allow it to be moved by two Guardsmen, but once set up it can be activated through the use of a short-range remote control unit.[4][6] The remote has a range of approximately 100 meters, and can trigger the mortar to fire rounds singly or fire all five in rapid succession. In this way the firer can act as their own spotter and concentrate tremendous firepower on a single spot.[13]

Famous Mortars


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