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Mortarion's Heart (Audio Book)

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Mortarion's Heart
Cover art
Author L.J. Goulding
Performer Seán Barrett, Tim Bentinck, Chris Fairbank, Martyn Ellis, Jamie Parker, David Timson
Publisher Black Library
Series Space Marine Battles
Preceded by Master of the Hunt
Followed by The Tranzia Rebellion
Released February 2014
Length 75 minutes
Editions February 2014 MP3
ISBN 9781849706810

Mortarion's Heart is an audio drama in the Space Marine Battles novel series by L.J. Goulding.

Cover Description

The daemon prince Mortarion has emerged from the Eye of Terror at the head of a vast plague-horde, intent upon the corruption of the Imperium he once served. Under Supreme Grand Master Geronitan, the Grey Knights finally meet the daemon army in battle on the plains of Kornovin – a mobilisation of the Chapter the likes of which few have ever seen. Kaldor Draigo and his fellow brotherhood masters lead from the front, trusting to their lord's secretive plan... until Geronitan is unexpectedly struck down by the Death Lord. With the eyes of the Inquisition upon them and the arcane path of destiny broken forever, the Grey Knights must cast aside thoughts of anything so petty as revenge. The Supreme Grand Master's successor must be named, or all may be lost.


Ebook cover


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