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Mortis Wrath

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The Mortis Wrath is an indistinct, void-black Strike Cruiser in the Flesh Tearers Chapter; though it bears no markings identifying it as such.


This page contains spoilers for: Blood in the Machine (Audio Drama)

The Wrath served in the Third War for Armageddon under the command of Chaplain Zophal and joined in the hunt for Inquisitor Nerissa Lekkas after she cast an Eldar spell that caused the Flesh Tearers assisting her to turn on each other, killing some in the process. After she was located on the vessel the Emperor’s Gift, as it was preparing to leave the system, Chapter Master Gabriel Seth commanded Zophal to launch assault torpedoes, each filled with a squad of Death Company, into the Gift. In order not to leave any witnesses, the torpedoes were also launched into the ships accompanying the Gift, the Light of Terra and the Redeemer, as they entered the Warp.[1]

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