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The Multi-melta is a heavy version of the Meltagun that has multiple melta barrels.[1]


The multi-melta is a vicious and effective Imperial anti-tank weapon, with longer range than its man-portable counterpart but still shorter than other heavy weapons. In different sources, melta weapons are described as firing with either a blinding flash and emitting a beam of light, or just projecting a nearly invisible beam of intense heat. Targets are just melted away, turning creatures to ash and vehicles into twisted goo.[1] Personal armor cannot offer even scant protection from a multi-melta.[Needs Citation]

Due to their size, multi-meltas are usually mounted on vehicles. The Leman Russ Demolisher may have sponson mounted multi-meltas and the Land Raider Crusader has a hull mounted multi-melta, the weapon fitting with both vehicles' short-range firepower. The Immolator may have twin-linked multi-meltas. They are also found mounted on Land Speeders and their variants, Attack Bikes, Razorbacks, and Dreadnoughts.[Needs Citation]

Some power armour-equipped forces are known to operate multi-meltas as man-portable units, notably Space Marines and Sisters of Battle. They must still carry the weapon's fuel and power supplies.[Needs Citation]

Known Multi-Melta Patterns


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