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Map Basic Data Planetary Image
Small cross.pngChogoris
Name: Chogoris (Mundus Planus) ChogorisPic.jpg
Segmentum: Ultima Segmentum
Sector: Yasan Sector[6]
System: Chogoris System[6]
Population: 10,000,000[1]
Affiliation: Imperium
Class: Adeptus Astartes Homeworld, Feral World
Tithe Grade: Solutio Prima[1]

Chogoris, known in Imperial records as Mundus Planus, is the birthworld of the Primarch Jaghatai Khan and homeworld of the White Scars Space Marine Chapter.


Pre-Imperial History

Jaghatai Khan united the tribes of the planet's western desert into a single horde and overthrew the rulers of the civilized empires. When the Khan left, he put Ogedei in control of the world, but Ogedei was not strong enough to hold the tribes together. The tribes fragmented and returned to their old ways of constant inter-tribal warfare. This may have been the Khan's purpose, because it allowed the Chapter's potential recruits to maintain their warrior culture. There would be many attempts to unite the tribes of the deserts but none would be as successful as the Khan's.[Needs Citation]

Sieges and Attacks

  • In 890.M41, a Necron Tombship entered orbit over Chogoris and began a focused bombardment of an unpopulated area on the planet's surface for an unknown reason. The White Scars Battle Barge Jaghatai's Pride pierces the ships shields as the Defense Laser of Quan Zhou destroyed the ship in a single blast.[3b]
  • A transmission dated 0435991.M41 lists Chogoris as under full-scale infestation by a subterranean alien species, the Drugh.[1]
  • In 990999.M41, Chogoris was among the systems besieged by a Red Corsair fleet under Huron Blackheart. The White Scars were forced to withdraw from the Third War for Armageddon and Second Agrellan Campaign to deal with the threat.[2]
  • ???.M42. The War for Chogoris. In the aftermath of Cadia's destruction, the nearby Maelstrom has grown in size and power and has begun affecting Chogoris itself. Now the world's grasslands burn from the Warp's power and its beasts run wild, or turn to monstrous, deformed things. Worse still, the White Scars have not been able to protect the world's population from the predations of the Red Corsairs, who have begun building ziggurats from bodies of Chogoris' dead. The Chapter does not know why the Red Corsairs are building these mountains of dead flesh, but are sure the ziggurats are part of some ritual dedicated to the Chaos Gods, that is close to completion.[4] Thankfully for the White Scars, Roboute Guilliman's Indomitus Crusade managed to relieve the world and deliver new reinforcements of Primaris Space Marines.[5]


Chogoris is a fertile world with lush greenery, soaring mountains and azure seas, which, at the time of the Great Crusade, had achieved a black powder level of technology. The dominant Chogorian empire at the time of the Great Crusade was an organized aristocracy which had conquered most of the planet with well-equipped and highly disciplined armies. Armoured horsemen and densely packed blocks of infantry had won every campaign their ruler, the Palatine, had fought.[Needs Citation]

To the west of the Palatine's empire was a vast, wind-blown steppe, known as the Empty Quarter, home to nomadic tribes of savage horsemen who for centuries had roamed the vast grasslands. The tribes of the steppes lived in tents and followed a cycle of seasonal migration from summer pastures to protected winter valleys in the Khum Karta mountains. Consummate horsemen and archers, these disparate tribes frequently fought one another for control of ancestral pastureland. Chogorian armies had never invaded the Empty Quarter as the dry and desolate lands were of no value to the Palatine. However, Chogorian nobles would often lead hunting bands into the steppes and take whole tribes east as slaves or capture a lone tribesmen to hunt through the mountains for sport.[Needs Citation]

The Stormseers of the White Scars choose the potential recruits for the Chapter from among the warring tribes, identifying the bravest and most promising young warriors while Fallen White Scars are brought back to their homeworld, to the pyre tombs on Khum Karta.[Needs Citation]

Chogoris does have some small cities and spaceports, but the majority of the world is unspoiled lush green grasslands. The White Scars are very careful to maintain Chogoris' natural state and forbid any widespread industry or urbanization. As beautiful as the world is, it is equally cruel and known for its harsh winters and baking hot summers. The population lives in constant peril of not only its fierce storms but also flying beasts and flash flooding from its rivers.[7]

Notable Locations

  • Altak - Also known as the Plains of Zhou. A massive blue-green grassland that covers half the planet and is home to the majority of the population. Over these race the four dragon winds: Kur of the west, Huanglak of the north, Erlig-kul of the east, and Tienak. of the south.[7]
  • Quan Zhou - the White Scars Fortress-Monastery and sits at the peak of the Khum Kharta Mountains, the most inaccessible mountain range on Chogoris.[3a]
  • Khum Kharta Mountains - Enormous mountain range.[6]
  • Empty Quarter - enormous steppe wilderness inhabited by horse-nomads. Most of Chogoris' inhabitants dwells here but it maintains a low population density.[6]
  • Kherbal Flats[7]
  • Tovg Ocean - Home to the mighty horned Oryavar whales.[7]


Chogoris is still semi-feudal as of the 41st Millennium. While there are cities and spaceport's scattered across the planet, most of the population lives in the wilderness of the Empty Quarter. The tribes of the empty quarter have little contact with the wider Imperium and still utilize bows, swords, and great hawks dubbed Berkuts. The tribes war against one another and subsist on hardy aduu and yat beasts. Despite their simple lifestyle, they are still capable of creating beautiful weapons and artifacts and are masters of calligraphy and poetry. Some of these tribes are large and bear dynastic names going back centuries while others are more recently offshoots. The tribes were briefly united by Jaghatai Khan but since his disappearance war has returned to the world.[6]

Known Tribes[7]

  • Khwarezmians
  • Khitan
  • Haelun
  • Szechijak
  • Huanjan
  • Ulg-Zar

Other Planetary Information

Chogoris has two moons known as Tsengei ("Blue Hawk") and Omaserq ("Silver Eagle"). The Administratum dubs these as Orbis Cobalor and Orbis Argens respectively.[7]

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