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Mung Vase

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Mung Vases are a highly sought after[1], but exceedingly rare type of Archeotech[2] found on Necromunda, which contain the preserved brains of House Mung's patriarchs.[1]

They were scattered across the Hive World, by the House's servants and the preserved brains they contain, are now a delicacy in many Necromundan Hives[1]. Mung Vases fetch high prices from collectors among the Noble Houses, in the Spire of Hive Primus and pristine specimens can fetch millions of credits. However for each authentic Vase found in the Hive Primus, a thousand forgeries are made in the settlements of its Underhive.[2]


The Mung Vases are references to Ming vases, a famous variety of Chinese ceramics that date to the Ming Dynasty of medieval China.

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