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Munitorum: Narthecium (Background Book)

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Munitorum: Narthecium
Cover art
Publisher Black Library
Series Munitorum (Background Books)
Preceded by Munitorum: Plasma Guns
Followed by Munitorum: Grav-Guns
Released September 2013
Pages 8
Editions 2013 ebook
ISBN 9781782532958

Munitorum: Narthecium is the sixteenth book in the Munitorum series of background books by Black Library.

Cover Description

A specialised tool used by Space Marine Apothecaries, the narthecium comprises needles, chemicals and blades that can be used to heal the superhuman frame of a battle-brother. The narthecium also has a secondary specialised role; used by an Apothecary to extract and store the sacred gene-seed from a fallen Space Marine.

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