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Munitorum: Shuriken Catapults (Background Book)

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Munitorum: Shuriken Catapults
Cover art
Publisher Black Library
Series Munitorum (Background Books)
Preceded by Munitorum: Ranger Long Rifle (Background Book)
Followed by Munitorum: The Maugetar (Background Book)
Released June 2013
Pages 7
Editions 2013 ebook
ISBN 9781782531340

Munitorum: Shuriken Catapults is the third book in the Munitorum series of background books by Black Library.

Cover Description

The shuriken catapult is the preferred weapon of the Eldar and uses solid-state ammunition carved into monofilament discs, which are propelled into the enemy. Reliable and deadly Eldar Guardians use these weapons to great effect where their 'shurikens' cut easily through enemy armour and flesh.

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