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Munitorum: The Maugetar (Background Book)

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Munitorum: The Maugetar
Cover art
Publisher Black Library
Series Munitorum (Background Books)
Preceded by Munitorum: Shuriken Catapults (Background Book)
Followed by Munitorum: Vulcan Mega-Bolter (Background Book)
Released June 2013
Pages 7
Editions 2013 ebook
ISBN 9781782531371

Munitorum: The Maugetar is the fourth book in the Munitorum series of background books by Black Library.

Cover Description

The Maugetar is a unique weapon wielded by the Eldar Phoenix Lord, Maugan Ra. A powerful shuriken cannon in its own right, the weapon also incorporates an execution power glaive allowing Maugan Ra to scythe down his enemies from afar or cleave them down should they stray too near.

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