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Munokhoi, the Black Hound, was a Moritat within the White Scars Legion, during the Great Crusade and served under Ulkanor Khan in the Chondax Campaign.

However when the Khan was killed by the Alpha Legion Praetor Siridor Vhen on Phemus IV, the command of the Brotherhood of the Sable Wolf fell to him, as the Moritat was its most senior member. Unused to authority or grand strategy and having little use of honour, Munokhoi simply had one objective: to hunt down and kill as many Alpha Legion members as he could before death claimed him. He did not tell his Brotherhood to follow him - instead Munokhoi began hunting the Alpha Legion on his own. Soon his braying laughter drew the traitors to him, but they fell to his pistols each time and his Brotherhood quickly joined in his hunt. They would find the Alpha Legions base amid the moon's deserts, but the Brotherhood lacked the numbers to break through its defenses and instead attacked any patrols that emerged from it.[1]

With the Brotherhood unable and the Alpha Legion unwilling to bring a quick end to the fighting, the war on Phemus IV reached a stalemate. However, it was quickly ended when the Primarch Jaghatai Khan later brought the strength of the White Scars Legion to bear on the moon. When the Alpha Legion were wiped from Phemus IV, Munokhoi and the surviving members of his Brotherhood joined their Legion in leaving the Chondax System.[1]