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Murder Cruiser

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Murder Class Cruiser[1]
Targetdrone.gif This article is about the Chaos space vessel; for the Planet, see Murder.

The Murder Cruiser is a Chaos starship.[1]


Once, the Murder Class Cruiser was the main workhorse of Battlefleet Obscurus before being replaced by the Lunar Class Cruiser, with almost five hundred being made between M33 and M37. Unfortunately, a proportionate number turned renegade, and today it is found mainly in the fleets of Chaos.[1]

In battle, the Murder class is a formidable foe, with significant long-range firepower provided by a prow lance and row after row of the best Plasma cannons ever made by the Adeptus Mechanicus. The Murder class is even more deadly when working in groups, as the combined firepower of several ships is enough to bring down even mighty Battleships, such as when three craft destroyed the Relentless Persecution near the end of the Gothic War.[1]

Notable Murder Class Cruisers

Notable Murder class cruisers include[1]:


Murder Cruiser


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