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Murdok was the Captain of the Crimson Sabres' Tenth Company and remained on their second homeworld Drogsh, with their half trained Scouts[1c]; as the majority of the Chapter answered a distress call from the Imperium world Umidia. However doing so damned the Chapter, as they mistakenly massacred Umidia's population and were cursed with having to constantly hear the voices of their victims. This later made them invade the nearby world Demetra and wipe out their population; as now only the spilling of blood could silence the voices in their heads[1a]. When the Imperium received word of their atrocities however, the Chapter was declared Excommunicate Traitoris.[1b]

The Crimson Sabres' fleet soon intercepted messages that contained their Excommunication and its Chapter Master Sevastus Kranon, knew the fleet could never reach their homeworld before the Imperium's wrath touched Drogsh. Instead he sent an abbreviated message to the doomed world, stating in essence that the Crimson Sabres present there should flee - as remaining or being caught affiliated in any way with the Chapter, was a death sentence. It is not known though if the message reached Drogsh[1b], before an Imperial fleet arrived in 929.M41 and seized the world; before beginning to kill anyone there that had any connection to the Chapter. Of the Crimson Sabres that were present there, only Captain Murdok and a handful of his Scouts, were able to escape their homeworld's fall. His current fate is unknown and it is uncertain whether he still remains loyal to the Imperium that ordered his death[1c]; or if he has joined Kranon, and the majority of his former Chapter, in damnation as part of the Crimson Slaughter.[1d]