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Muril was a sniper[3a] of the Tanith First and Only regiment.[2b][3a]


Muril was a Vervunhiver who became a member of Gol Kolea's Scratch Company during the Siege of Vervunhive.[1] After the Siege, Vervunhive was ruined and due to be abandoned, so many of the survivors, including a number of scratch company soldiers like Muril, enlisted with the Astra Militarum.[2a][2b]

She, like many of the Verghastite women who were drafted into the Tanith First, was an excellent shot, with Colonel Corbec believing her to be the second-best in the entire regiment after Trooper Larkin. As such, Corbec selected her personally as his platoon's dedicated sniper.[3a]

When the regiment was deployed on the planet Phantine in 771.M41, they were committed to the assault on the Blood Pact-held city of Cirenholm. During the battle most of the regiment, including Corbec's platoon, were ambushed by the Blood Pact and the Tanith defence has hampered by both a lack of ammunition (owing to a mix-up on the part of the Munitorium) and a void shield cutting off their main avenue of retreat.[3a][3b] In the fighting, Muril was badly wounded by enemy fire while trying to fall back through an access hatch. Corbec turned back and carried her to safety, but was severely injured himself in the process.[3b][3c] Muril required a hip implant as a result of her injuries.[3c]

Following the regiment's actions in the retaking of the city of Cirenholm, a combination of battlefield casualties and the pressing need to more fully integrate the Verghastite elements of the Tanith First led Colonel-Commissar Gaunt and Commissar Hark to put forward a number of Verghastite Troopers for consideration for a position in the regiment's elite scout corps, which had until that point been dominated exclusively by the native Tanith Guardsmen. Hark suggested Muril, Jajjo, Livara and Moullu. Gaunt agreed with the idea of Muril and Livara in principle, but ultimately left the decision to the leader of the scout corps, Sergeant Mkoll.[3c]