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Murtan Feygor

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Trooper Murtan 'Murt' Feygor was the adjutant of Major Elim Rawne of the Tanith First and Only Imperial Guard regiment during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade.


Born the bastard son of a black marketeer upon the forest world of Tanith, Feygor found his naturally sharp mind and fit physical nature allowed him to survive his beginnings and then gain a place in the Tanith Attica militia forces, where he would meet his lifelong colleague, Elim Rawne. The two discovered a shared interest in getting ahead in life and quickly set up a profitable racket inside the militia. This came to an end when the Imperial Guard demanded a Founding from Tanith and the world's militiamen found themselves mustered into the Guard.[1f]

During the campaign on Fortis Binary Feygor was the first responder when Trooper Fulke suffered a nervous breakdown and randomly opened fire in the Ghosts' own trenchline. He tackled Fulke to the ground and disarmed him, but quickly became the loser in the resultant fistfight, which was interrupted by the intervention of his commander, Rawne. The bloodied Feygor then carried out Rawne's order to assemble a firing squad detail to resolve the problem of Trooper Fulke.[1a] Feygor then followed Major Rawne into the Ghosts' ad hoc expoitation of a Shriven assault, eventually being present when a large force of Tanith Ghosts penetrated the Shriven lines. Feygor's mechanical knowledge came in useful when he was able to recognise enemy maglev train system control units and understand their operation, which aided in convincing Gaunt to use it as their entry point to the Shriven bunker network.[1b][1c]

After this campaign the Ghosts found themselves briefly posted to the world of Pyrites for some rest and recuperation. For Feygor, this meant colluding with Major Rawne in ripping off a local organised crime figure for a large amount of blackmarket liquor, smokes and pornography. Their dodgy dealings landed them in trouble with the local gangsters but, with the aid of Colonel Corbec, the three Ghosts were able to take down twenty of the criminals and escape with the loot.[1d][1e]

During warp-transit to their next combat zone, Feygor was seriously wounded when the sentry detail he was part of was attacked by soldiers of the Jantine Patricians regiment, a result of both a standing feud between the two regiments and the machinations of Inquisitor Heldane.[1f] His life was saved by the actions of the Ghost's Chief Medic Dorden and Gaunt's effort to get lifesaving medical equipment issued to the Ghosts by the commander of the Adeptus Mechanicus vessel they were on at the time.[1g]

Appearance and Abilities

Feygor possessed highly professional soldiering skills, able to field-strip, clean and reassemble a lasgun in moments. He was recognised by Colonel Corbec to possess both good marksmanship and stealth abilities from early in the regiment's service, important traits for any solider but especially so for a Tanith Ghost. Despite Corbec's recognition of these skills, the tall and thin Feygor was not liked by the regiment's similarly built commander, Ibram Gaunt, who considered Feygor to share Major Rawne's bitter and unhelpful outlook. Possessed of basic engineering knowledge, Feygor took an interest in the subject, doing his best to learn of various cogitation devices and systems encountered in the combat theatres the regiment was deployed to, this past-time coming in operationally useful upon occasion.[1c]

Feygor's most significant relationship in life was with his superior officer, Major Rawne. Having been a 'business partner' with Rawne since before they joined the Imperial Guard, the two worked together extremely well at both soldiering and illegal pursuits. Despite this long-standing mutually beneficial partnership, Feygor did not completely trust Rawne, deciding that the Major's personality was ruined by bitterness. Despite this, Rawne was the person he shouted out for when it looked like he'd been fatally wounded. Feygor, because of his upbringing amongst criminals on the streets, was a murderous knife-fighter who had won respect amongst street-fighters with a signature move of sweeping the feet out from an assailant and then slashing their weapon-hand off at the wrist.[1f]

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