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A horde of human mutants

Mutants are creatures bearing some form of severe genetic deviance from the normal members of their species. Some are born mutants, while others have suffered more spontaneous mutation through the influence of the Warp, whether by worshiping it or being exposed to its energies. Persecuted and hunted by Imperial society, Mutants often make up the forces of Chaos.[Needs Citation]

Mutation among humanity

Mutants with a captive

Mutation among humanity is especially meaningful: as mankind undergoes a long process of evolution into a new, psychic race, the birth of mutant humans accompanies it; and as the metamorphosis slowly approaches its distant conclusion, mutation becomes increasingly common. This constant and random warping of the human gene pool threatens to destroy the human race before it can reach its final form. The only response is to root out those manifesting mutation. There are many Imperial organisations which go about this, some in less sophisticated ways than others.[Needs Citation]

Human mutants are often terribly misshapen creatures, abominably deviating from the normal human form. On the other hand, not all mutants are degenerated beasts; many only bear a few extraordinary traits setting them apart from the rest of humanity.[5]

There are many mutants amongst humanity. Most pose a great threat, and very few are tolerated. The most important mutants are psykers, who are both the most useful and the most dangerous. Only by the righteous persecution of the Inquisition and the careful testing of the Coven Masters of the Adeptus Astra Telepathica can dangerous mutants be cleansed from the Imperium.[7]

The position of mutants within the Imperium varies from world to world. On primitive worlds they are often slain at birth. On more advanced worlds they may be allowed to live, but rarely enjoy the benefits of other humans and are usually segregated from the normal population. In general terms, mutants form a huge downtrodden portion of the Imperium's population. Their dissatisfaction sometimes erupts into rebellion, sometimes allowing the mutants to take temporary control of an entire world. Retaliation, however, is usually swift and effective.[5]

The laws of Imperial worlds normally forbid such creatures from possessing armaments; those weapons that mutants do possess are usually limited to crude shotguns or blunderbusses, heavy duty revolver-stubguns, chains, whips and clubs which can be easily made and concealed[Needs Citation].

Imperial Sanctioned-Mutation Work Passes can be given to Mutants, which will prevent them from being killed due to their genetic deviances. However while the documents will work on the world they are issued on, other Imperial worlds may not accept the Passes.[3]

Dissemblers are a type of Mutant.[6] Navigators are considered Mutants, as well but were actually intentionally created in the distant past. Because they are a vital part of the Imperium, they are the only tolerated form of mutant.[Needs Citation]

Mutant Hordes

Mutation among other species

Chaos and mutation also affects other alien species, but mutation is especially prevalent among mankind. The Kroot have the ability to evolve through controlled mutation by consumption of their enemies.[Needs Citation]

Mutant Monstrosities

Mutants that are often created from dabbling in forbidden sciences, are known as Mutant Monstrosities. They are affronts to nature, who have short existences that are filled with constant pain and resentment and can also be left dim-witted. This will cause them to willingly or unwillingly exhibit brief periods of extreme violence and those who create the Monstrosities many not be able to control the creatures. Several species are known to be able to create the Monstrosities, such as the experiments of Ork Painboys or the Tyranids' bizarre Human/Tyranid hybrids. The Lost and the Damned are also known to use Monstrosities that are hybrids of large Mutants and Chaos Spawn. The Ordo Hereticus' Witch Hunters make use of them as well as the Astra Militarum, which can have Ogryn or other Abhuman bodyguards made into a Mutant Monstrosity they can field in battle.[4]

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