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Mykola Shonai

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Mykola Shonai was the Imperial Governor of the world of Pavonis in Ultima Segmentum.[1]


After fighting a brief civil war, Mykola was replaced by her nephew, Koudelkar, as Governor but still managed a high degree of influence. Secretly, she invited a delegation of T'au to Pavonis in hopes of giving the world more autonomy outside of the Imperial yoke. The act provoked another round of civil violence between Mykola's and her nephew's forces, resulting in Koudelkar being kidnapped by T'au forces. Ultramarines Captain Uriel Ventris was dispatched to deal with the T'au and rescue the Governor. In the resulting war between the Ultramarines 4th Company and the T'au-Mykola loyalist forces on Pavonis, Mykola was killed and the Tau forced to withdraw. In the end, however, Shonai pledged allegiance to the Emperor once more.[1]

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