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Eldar Portal
Craftworld Mymeara
the Rune symbol of Craftworld Mymeara
Meaning: unknown
Current Location: Unknown
Main Colours:

Teal, Blue
Favoured Unit: Shadow Spectres[1]
Speciality: Unknown
Reputation: Isolationist[1]
Main Enemy: Imperium
an Eldar in the colors of Mymeara

Mymeara is an Eldar Craftworld. Its symbol is the Cursing Eye, referencing the omniscient abilities of Asuryan who could kill enemies in a single instant.[2]


Mymeara was originally a normal world that had escaped the Fall of the Eldar as its location was on the extreme limits of the Eldar empire and the corrupting influence of pleasure cults had barely reached them. However, in the end, the Mymearans descended into the depravity and madness of their race. The wisest of the Craftworld's elders had foreseen this fate and spent the last decades constructing a mighty Craftworld. The world-ship was completed as the world began to descend into wholesale bloodshed and slaughter, and only half of Mymeara's original population was on board when the Craftworld set sail. Lost in their grief for the death of their race and believing themselves alone in the galaxy, the Craftworld drifted through the stars for many years.[1]

However, their assumptions were soon proven wrong and the Craftworld had to fight for its very survival against Orks. Hundreds of thousands of Mymearans died in these wars, and the only hope for Mymeara during this time came from Irillyth, the Phoenix Lord of the Shadow Spectres. Through his wisdom, the warriors of Mymeara learned how to combine the aspects of stealth, speed, and firepower to decimate their foes and soon set about clearing a safe path through the galaxy for their world-vessel.[1]

Irillyth's presence upon the Craftworld was short, and the Phoenix Lord left to fight the fledgling Imperium when he was certain Mymeara had been spared destruction. Mymeara then found a region of space that had not yet been infested by other races, and using their technology hid themselves away. There, they have remained for centuries.[1]

Sometime in M41, Mymeara managed to locate Irillyth once more, this time upon the Human Ice World of Betalis III. Irillyth's armour, which held his spirit, was intact. Mymeara would enter into an alliance with Craftworld Alaitoc as well as Eldar Corsairs to recover their beloved Phoenix Lord's armour before it was discovered by human miners. In the ensuing Betalis Campaign, the Eldar alliance proved successful in recovering Irillyth.[1]

Mymeara's symbol is the Cursing Eye, derived from the tales of Asuryan's deadly gaze. It reminds those who wear it that an enemy revealed must be destroyed before it can threaten the Eldar race.[3]