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Myndoras Odon

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Myndoras Odon is a Cadian General of the Imperial Guard.[1]


Demonstrating his command and tactical skills early in his career on Cadia, Myndoras Odon had achieved a Squad command by the age of sixteen, going on to command a Whiteshield Platoon shortly after. Later on, he demonstrated further promise by defeating Ork warbands and Chaos pirates along the Cadian Gate while serving in the 304th Cadian Regiment, personally leading resistance efforts there.[1]

Quickly becoming a junior Lieutenant after his tour of duty around the Cadian Gate, Odon was reassigned to Cadia's renowned officer training corps where he came to specialize in armoured warfare tactics. However due to Cadian traditions of learning by experience, he still continued to battle on the frontlines, battling human rebels on Arn's World which saw him earn the Macharian Cross and a promotion to Colonel. Over his long career he has been wounded in action five times, most notably against the Ork Warboss Ugblitz on Saras VII. There, he received serious burn injuries after his Leman Russ Battle Tank was swarmed by a hundred Kommandos. He later took command of the Cadian 6th Armoured Regiment in the Betalis Campaign against the Eldar.[1]