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N'Kari is a powerful Daemon of Slaanesh.[1][Conflicting sources]


As a mortal, N'Kari was born on an isolated, backwater world which had been trapped in the centre of a violent warp storm for millennia; incidentally, this was the same backwater world as the mortal who would become the Daemon Prince Bubonicus. The Powers of Chaos had repeatedly attempted to conquer this planet, but had been foiled by the uncorrupted peoples of the world. N'Kari rose to prominence during one of the Chaos Powers' many attempts to conquer the planet. He proved himself a dedicated follower of Slaanesh in countless battles - and the debauched and disgusting revelries that followed them - and was rewarded by Slaanesh with the gift of Daemonhood. Along with Doombreed, he was one of the two Daemon Princes that fought against the Emperor when he boarded Horus's battle barge, the Vengeful Spirit, and he continues to serve his daemonic master to this day.[1]

During the Horus Heresy, N'Kari was one of many Daemons summoned by Erebus, First Chaplain of the Word Bearers, by a dark ritual conducted during the Battle of Calth.[4] N'Kari later reappeared at Fulgrim's side in the Palace of Slaanesh, engaged in debauchery and degeneracy with the Emperor's Children Primarch. When Fulgrim refused Lorgar's demand to come with him to Ullanor and rejoin Horus's war, N'kari joined Fulgrim in attacking the Word Bearers. However, Fulgrim was bound by Zardu Layak after he uttered the Daemon's True Name and forced to comply. N'Kari refused to leave Fulgrim's side, and accompanied him back to Ullanor and then the Siege of Terra.[6c]

N'Kari was later among the Greater Daemons summoned into Realspace by the Thousand Sons, during the Siege of Terra[7a]. After the Lion's Gate Spaceport fell to the Traitors, the Daemons were unleashed to destroy the Imperial Palace's Colossi Gate[7b]. While they succeeded in tearing down the Gate's outer defenses, the Daemons were destroyed by the White Scars' Stormseers and the Adeptus Custodes, before they could complete their task.[7c]

At some point, N'Kari battled the Eldar Phoenix Lord Asurmen. The mighty Daemon managed to slay the warrior, but in a rage the fellow Phoenix Lord of the Shining Spears, Drastanta, defeated N'Kari with his Celestial Lance, sending him back to the Warp.[5]

During the Gheistos Cataclysm in M41, N'kari arrived leading an army of Fiends and Daemonettes. His arrival marked the reaching of an alliance between Nurgle and Slaanesh.[2]

Craftworld Malan'tai

In 800.M41, N'Kari and his Daemon followers found the derelict Craftworld Malan'tai and stalked its ruined halls for hidden caches of spirit stones to feed upon. For each spirit stone N'Kari devoured he grew more powerful, and by the time a Grey Knights strike force responded to a dire vision by their Prognosticars and arrived at the Craftworld, N'Kari had grown in strength tenfold.[3]

The Grey Knights purged their way through the ruined halls of Malan'tai, led by Brother-Captain Pelenas and accompained by as many Purifiers as possible. Any and all Daemons standing before them were cut down, until the Grey Knight strike force cornered N'Kari in the despoiled Dome of Crystal Seers. A fierce battle ensued, wherein a dozen Purifiers were slain and Pelenas was struck down. But before the Keeper of Secrets could strike the killing blow against the Captain, Justicar Anval Thawn threw himself in front of Pelenas. With N'Kari's spear stuck deep in Thawn's flesh, the surviving Purifiers had enough of a respite to complete the ritual of Twelve Bloody Swords and successfully drain N'Kari of his stolen power, opening him up to be defeated by Pelenas.[3]


N'Kari is described as having the lower body of a serpent, much like the Daemon Primarch Fulgrim. However, the comparisons end there, as N'Kari is a grotesque obese creature that repulses even the Word Bearers. In combat, N'Kari will transform itself into a more muscled and lithe form.[6b]


N'Kari is also a major antagonist of William King's Warhammer Fantasy novel trilogy focusing on the High Elf twins Tyrion and Teclis.

Conflicting sources

N'Kari has been referred to as both a Daemon Prince[1][6a] or a Keeper of Secrets[3], depending on the source.


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