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N'dras is a Tau sept established during the Second Sphere of Expansion.[4]

Map Tau Sept Data Planetary Image
Map n'dras.jpg Name N'dras N'dras Sept Symbol.png Unknown.jpg
Expansion: Second
Location: Eastern Fringe N'drasWarrior.jpg
Colours: Black sept markings[1b]

Sept Information

For reasons known only to the Ethereals, this world was voluntarily abandoned by the Tau.[1a] The few remaining Tau are regarded as untrustworthy and generally of quick temper and brooding countenance.[4]

N'dras is regarded by the Tau as a eerie and strange world, with the Earth Caste constantly reporting strange readings emanating from it.[2a] The remaining Earth Caste scientist work there under the strong Fire Caste protection and their purpose is veiled in secrecy.[2b]

In the Third Sphere of Expansion Ethereal Aun'Va ordered the Ghosts of N'dras to begin covert operations against the Imperium. They excelled by detonating the Worldcore on Lamdiah and assassinating Cardinal Ambros the Blessed.[3]

Sept Colour
Uniform Variations
Blue camouflage armour & black cloth - Kvariam Alpha (ocean world)[1b]; Sea-green - N'dras sept world's third moon[1b]; Olive green