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Sergeant Naaman

Naaman was a Dark Angels Sergeant.

He fought the Orks on Piscina IV and seemed to be part of the initial scouting force. He was the only one to survive the counter-attack of Nazdreg but later managed to lead a team of Scouts through the Ork lines and sentries to discover and relay information about the tellyporta systems used by Nazdreg to such deadly effect. He then called in the Deathwing to attack and destroy the site. He fought many counter-attacks to prevent reinforcements from overrunning the site but he was eventually killed by an exploding Ork Deff Dread. His name was added to the Book of Honour for the Dark Angels.[1]

An extract from the Liturgis Honorum of the Dark Angels, states that Naaman was a Veteran Sergeant of the 10th Company of Scouts and lived from 823-997.M41. After the initial repulsion of the Dark Angels scouts' movements, he returned to the Dark Angels' base of operations on Koth Ridge and that later when he was holding off the counter-attacks within Nazdreg's base, it was in order for the Deathwing to remove an energy relay from the teleportation base, presumably in order to disable it.[2]