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Nadzybar was Archon of the Chaos forces in the Sabbat Worlds from around 634.M41, and may have been the warlord to first rally the Ruinous Powers in the taking of the region in the first centuries of M41, though this would require him to have extended his lifespan by some unnatural means.[1a]


Little is known of this creature's origins and background, nor how he came to power over the other Magisters.[1a]

Though he was certainly the driving force behind the Archenemy's defence from the invading Imperial forces during the Sabbat Worlds Crusade, his Magisters overshadowed him in both cunning and cruelty. Nonetheless, his legacy has been found across hundreds of worlds in inscriptions and the megalithic earthworks raised to his honour.[1a]

Fall on Balhaut

Nadzybar's defeat was achieved by a combination of the military might of the Imperium, the bravery of many men, and the strategic cunning of Warmaster Slaydo. The Archon wanted badly to draw the Warmaster into assaulting his entire main army on the planet of Fabia, where he believed he could crush the force of the Crusade utterly. Slaydo realised this, and, capitalising on the fact that their communications had been penetrated by Nadzybar's spies, spread the idea that he had fallen for it, using deepcoding to ensure that his army did not actually approach Fabia. The Archon, eager to destroy his enemy forever, rushed to meet Slaydo there, and while refueling and rearming on the planet Balhaut, was ambushed to brutal effect.[1b]

Nadzybar's palace was breached by a combined force of the Imperial Guard and the Iron Snakes Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes during the year 765.M41. Slaydo hunted the Archon deep in the palace, despite having taken a crippling stomach wound earlier in the battle.[1c][2] Slaydo engaged the Archon in single combat, wishing to destroy his greatest foe for the glory of Saint Sabbat and the Emperor. The combat was so fierce it drove nearly everyone from the room, lasting between six and eleven minutes, and at first it seemed that Slaydo was doomed. He suffered several mortal wounds, but rallied his strength long enough to slay the Archon. Immediately most of the cultists in the palace were overcome by desperate weeping and those that did not swarmed the Warmaster, mutilating his body horribly before attempting to retrieve Nadzybar's fallen body. Slaydo's men cut them down as they fled.[1c][2] The Archon's remains were found under a mound of corpses and then summarily burnt.[1c]


At the time of Balhaut, Nadzybar appeared as a hunched, mutated figure whose limbs were so twisted as to appear insectine. His head had three faces, none of which had eyes in their sockets.[2]