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Nahumekh is a Necron Lord of the Sautekh Dynasty who was interred within one of its Tomb Worlds in the Traxis Sector when the Great Sleep began.[1]

Millennia later in late M41, Nahumekh was awoken when a great war engulfed the Sector. When he fully emerged from his tomb, the Necron Lord gazed upon the Sautekh Dynasty's worlds in the Sector and found them to be infected by life other than the Necrons — something he could not abide. Having always been stricken with an intense hatred for organic life, Nahumekh has once again continued to strive for his ultimate goal of extinguishing all life from the galaxy, save for the Necrons themselves, and the Traxis Sector will be the first to feel his wrath. In order to further this goal, the Necron Lord has begun using a favoured tactic of his, which involves enslaving organic beings and forcing them to fight beside his Dynasty's armies. Whether his slaves live and kill or die in agony, Nahumekh is always well pleased.[1]