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Nano-Genus Mechadendrites

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Nano-Genus Mechadendrites were a rare item of technology constructed and used by the Cult of the Micro-Omnisiah that operates on the moon Galath that orbits Glavia.


Only Techpriests of the Adeptus Mechanicus that follow the Micro-Omnisiah can make use of this implant which involves the placement of a Micro Factory in the chest of the subject. This will require the rearrangment of the internal organs of the body but once done, the factory begins to produce a swarm of nanobot machines. The Techpriest is also outfitted with specialized dispenser Mechadendrites that feed into the micro factory.

The nanobots serve as a tool for the Techpriest who can use them for a number of roles such as producing bio-circuitry or the construction of a ship's internal control systems. When used in various operations, a short period of time is required for the nanobots to be tailored to the target before activation.

Furthermore, there are three different types of nanobots with only one type being outfitted into a Techpriests body. Constructor nanobots sample the target's cellular structure and use passing unbound atoms to knit any breaches or tears. This allows them to repair machinery and inorganic items. Deconstructor nanobots do the opposite and strip atoms from a target on a molecular level. Linker nanobots can make temporary connections to a target's nervous system where none existed before. To complete this task, three separate bursts of nanobots need to complete their task. Burrowers dig into the target and bypass all armour due to their small size after which Controllers follow the path of the Burrowers while they attach themselves to nerve endings and test them with small electrical jolts which results in a disorienting experience for those affected. Finally, Connectors attach themselves to the Controllers and form artificial chains linking the nerve endings that would not originally have any connection.

One weakness in the system is that the micro factory itself is quite delicate and can be damaged by an blow to the chest.


The Nano-Genus Mechadendrites can perform a variety of functions which include:

  • creation of bio-circuitry.
  • creation of a ship's internal control system.
  • serve as a ranged weapon.
  • can be used in close ranged combat like a pistol.

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