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Narthan Dume

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'An ambition to save humanity is almost always a disguise for the desire to rule it.'
- Attr. Narthan Dume[2]

Narthan Dume was the last Tyrant of the Panpacific Empire during the Unification Wars at the close of the Age of Strife;[1][4a] he was the most infamous of all the tyrannical rulers who dominated Terra during that dark period.[1][4b]

Dume began his rule at some point after the Unspeakable King's regime in the Panpacific had been overthrown.[4c] He was described as "half-mad, half-genius",[1] and the criminal Basilio Fo, who knew Dume, stated he fought only to secure his realm. Fo also claimed that the Tyrant of the Panpacific simply wished to be left alone.[3] Dume was fully aware that Humanity had lost most of its knowledge, but wondered whether this ignorance was a curse or a blessing considering the horrors that lurked beyond.[1] To some extent, he practiced religious and/or arcane rites.[5]

Dume was eventually defeated by the forces of the Emperor of Mankind during the Unification Wars and held captive while his fate was decided. Although some in the Emperor's service wanted to imprison Dume in the dungeon of Khangba Marwu, he was instead executed at the urging of Constantin Valdor shortly after his capture. Many of Dume's lieutenants, however, were imprisoned in Khangba Marwu.[1]


  • At one point in the short story The Last Church, the character's name is given as Narthan Durme.[6]

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