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Hagen Pattern Narthecium[4]

The Narthecium is a Space Marine Apothecary's medical field kit, containing the necessary tools to treat wounded Marines and get them back into action as quickly as possible. Included in the standard kit are[1]:

  • Anti-venoms;
  • Stim-packs;
  • Healing agents;
  • Sterile clay for sealing wounds;
  • A Carnifex for euthanizing fatally injured Marines; and
  • Reductor (carbon alloy)[4]: a tool for extracting the Progenoid organs (gene-seed) from fallen Marines.

Other components may include a chainblade and an apothicarion drill for piercing armor. The Deep Bore version lowers the placement of the chainblade, and replace it with a saw-disc. The main focus of this version is the drill for piercing armor and retrieving gene-seed as quickly as possible. The Hagen pattern drill is larger and stronger, designed to be able to work on Terminator armor as well as standard Space Marine armor[4]

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