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Natanya's Knight, Bane of Iron

Natanya is an Imperial Knight of House Griffith.


Natanya pilots the immense Knight Valiant known as Bane of Iron, whose machine spirit is amongst the most aggressive of all House Griffith’s hunting steeds. Natanya herself is strong-willed and courageous, the only Noble ever to fully break the unruly Bane of Iron to their command. Natanya has harnessed her war engine’s natural ferocity and destructive power, and now specialises in providing devastating close-range fire support to her comrades in the field.[1]

Griffith’s fine tradition of monster hunting has found a worthy proponent in Lady Natanya, who excels in obliterating the Daemon Engines of the Chaos Space Marines. She was amongst the Knights seconded to Guilliman’s Indomitus Crusade, and soon proved her valor by protecting her Ultramarines allies with her Knight’s crackling ion shield while annihilating heretical war machines one after another with pinpoint fire. Natanya has shared an honor-bond with the sons of Ultramar ever since.[1]