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Nathasian was a simple Lieutenant of the 86th Cadian somewhere between M33 and M39.[1]

He was slated for execution by his Commissar when suddenly appeared Adeptus Custodes from the Aquilan Shield and wordlessly slain his would-be commissariat executioners. After that with the grim bodyguard at his side Nathasian was free to exercise his flair for unconventional tactics, and soon was promoted to Commander Army Group, then to Imperial Warmaster of an entire Imperial crusade. The Shuddering Stars are destroyed many of Ork tribes, stopping Waaagh! Dakskrag in its tracks before it can enter the Sol System. In the wake of Nathasian’s triumph, Adeptus Custodes departed as suddenly as they had arrived and even before the day was out commissariat see Warmaster Nathasian dead.[1]