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The Nautilacknid is a Xenos Daemon Prince of Khorne.[1]


Its unknown species worshiped the Blood God, to the point they butchered each other in his name. Only the Nautilacknid survived his species destruction, due to being the strongest and most savage of them all. As a Daemon Prince, it is swollen with Khorne's gifts and has eight eyes and eight arms, with each wielding a different weapon. With these abilities, the Nautilacknid had never once been defeated in battle - until it faced the World Eater Torgax Bloodhair. The Daemon Prince found itself outmatched, as Torgax dismembered the Nautilacknid piece by piece. Each of its eyes were put out and each arm was severed by the World Eater, who claimed each of the Daemon Prince's weapons. Finally Torgax decapitated the Nautilacknid, leaving shock and horror etched upon its death-visage.[1]

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