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Navigator's Quarter

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The Navigator's Quarter is a vast district on Terra, where the most powerful of the Navigator Houses have their literal family houses. The wealth of the great families has created a labyrinthine splendor of palaces and gardened estates.[Needs Citation]

At the Quarter's centre is the Palace of the Navigators, from where the Paternova rules. Following his ascension, the Paternova never leaves the Palace. This massive building is always staffed by members drawn from the Paternova's own house.[Needs Citation]

Beneath the grandeur of Navigator's Quarter is the far darker world of the Vaults, a labyrinth of tunnels that reaches down towards the planetary core. The Vaults are the refuge of the oldest and most mutated Navigators.[1]

While the Adeptus Arbites maintain law and order in the Quarter, the Navis Nobilite pays for the security of its own palaces, and the Inquisition is forbidden from entering, unless they are invited or a flagrant violation of Imperial law has occurred.[2]