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Necromunda: Apocrypha

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Necromunda: Apocrypha
Released December 2023[1]
Pages 128[1]

Necromunda: Apocryphak is a campaign book for Necromunda (Game) released in 2023; it offers a collection of rules intended to enhance your campaigns.[1]


You’ll find a collection of existing rules from various publications, updated where needed, to act as a guide for adding new elements to your ongoing campaigns. This is also the first place to find rules for Delaque vehicles.[1]


  • Underhive Nemeses: rules for single individuals who help shape the events of a campaign as foils for your gangs, fleshed out with their own unique abilities.[1]
  • Living Settings: ever-changing background settlements with variable population, commerce, and environments. Includes six examples.[1]
  • Resurrection Packages: 10 ways to bring fallen fighters back from the dead… for a price.[1]
  • Seven scenarios, including four Arbitrator, and three Gang Raid plots.[1]
  • Uprising Campaigns: a complete narrative campaign, based around the breakdown of Imperial law and the rise of recidivist elements. Includes six scenarios.[1]
  • Outlaw Brutes: four new horrors and abominations to test your gangs, or bolster them[1]
  • Vehicle Rules: new options for Van Saar, Escher, Goliath, Orlock, and Cawdor gangs. And, for the first time, rules for Delaque gang vehicles.[1]
  • Miniatures showcase for House Delaque, and Heroes of Jardlan.[1]