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Necromunda: Outlanders Rulebook

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The Outlanders Rulebook was created as a supplementary expansion to the Games Workshop table top game Necromunda. It was first published in 1996.

General Structure

The book has 112 pages, with colour covers and black and white throughout the rest of the book.



A listing and assembly instructions for plastic and cardboard terrain supplied with the Rulebook.


  • Becoming an Outlaw p.8
  • Being an Outlaw p.9-10
  • Bounty p.11

The Outlaw Trading Post

  • The Outlaw Trading Post p.12-14

Outlaw Scenarios

  • Outlaw Scenarios p. 16-21


New Weapons

  • Pit Slave Weapons p. 51-52
  • Close-Combat Weapons p. 52
  • Basic Weapons p. 52-53
  • Grenades p. 54
  • Scaly Weapons p. 54-55
  • Spryer Weapons p. 55

New Equipment

  • New Equipment p. 56-60

Hired Guns

  • Hired Guns p. 66-68

Special Characters

  • Special Characters p. 76-80

Campaign Events Table

  • Scenario: Lord of the Spire p. 89-90
  • Scenario: Purge! p. 91-95
  • Scenario: Storming the Barricades p. 96-99

Underhive Beastiary

  • Underhive Beastiary p. 100-106

Deviant Scum

  • Deviant Scum p. 107-108


  • Aliens p. 109-111

Chaos Creatures

  • Chaos Creatures p. 111-112

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